Value Investing

About 8 years ago, I came across a weekly newspaper article that discussed investing in the stock market and how to beat the fund managers at their own game. Anyway, after plowing through loads of books and reading everything about “value investing” that I could get my hands on, I setup a share portfolio using equity in my house in 2003. The portfolio was very successful and I made a return of about 20%, before having to liquidate the portfolio due to a divorce settlement.
Then last year (2008), I setup a superannuation fund (pension fund) for myself and my partner. As at today (8th Sep 2009), my portfolio was beating the ASX 200 Accumulation Index by 12%. I also have my own portfolio, but thanks to me getting greedy (and forgetting some of the rules of value investing), its performing about the same as the ASX200 Index.
If you are interested in “value investing”, and want to know how to beat the fund managers, I can recommend (NOTE: I’m a subscriber to their newsletter, but do not work for them).
They have a list of suggested books to read, they recommend stocks to buy, sell and avoid and I’ve found them to be very useful.


RHG Limited – Shareholder action

Well, this is my first blog, so here goes.

RHG Limited is an Australian listed company that I hold shares in. Despite the fact that the company has loads of cash sitting on its balance sheet, its refusing to declare what it intends doing with it, plus the future income it will earn. The Intelligent Investor ( has proposed to remove one of the directors and appoint two of their own.  I intend to vote for all the resolutions they put forward and urge all RHG shareholders to do the same. You can visit the website setup by The Intelligent Investor here

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