Kerry Stokes and the great Seven Swindle

As you may be aware Kerry Stokes, one of Australia’s richest men, owns the majority of ┬áthe Seven Group (SEV). Seven is an investment company, owning various media assets including the Seven Network, an investment portfolio and has a large wad of cash sitting on its balance sheet. Seven has proposed to take over a West Australian company Westrak. Now Westrac owns the Caterpillar franchise (you know those really large mining trucks?). It also happens to be owned by Kerry Stokes and it also happens to have a large wad of debt on its books. Can you smell the same thing as me?

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Why stockbrokers will never understand value investing

Sometimes I read an article that just makes me mad. There was an article in the Brisbane times on 19th Mar 2010 that made me just shake my head – link is below.

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