Finance 101 or Keep It Simple Stupid

While this blog is mainly about value investing, shares and stocks, one of the most important first steps I believe is to get your finances into order, before you add to the complexity by introducing shares and dividends and trying to track your performance.

So what steps should you take to get your finances in order?

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Technical Analysis

You might’ve heard of Bollinger bands, stop losses, trading on momentum, timing the market, head and shoulders, moving averages, candlestick charting, lines of support, resistance ¬†and double tops. And what exactly are they? They are all terms used in technical analysis, which is a means of trying to determine future price trends and patterns of stock prices using charts of historical stock price and volume data. Obviously the aim is to predict with a certain amount of certainty, the future level of a stock’s price, and then to take advantage of that by trading on that knowledge.

Now I’ve heard of so called technical analysts outperforming the market, but I’ve yet to hear about the technical analyst equivalent of Warren Buffett, the world’s greatest investor. So where are all the wealthy technical analysts? Who’s the most famous technical analyst? Do they have a high profile?

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