Austock portfolio versus my model portfolio update (as at 31st Dec 2011)

So, five months are almost up since I started the challenge of a model portfolio I picked in five minutes versus Austock’s list of preferred stocks (at 6th July 2011). My model portfolio is comfortably beating Austock’s preferred stocks by more than 4%. Sadly, the model portfolio is lagging the ASX 200 Accumulation index by 1%.

Austock portfolio versus model 31 Dec 2011

Stock Markets have continued to fall in December due to the uncertainty around Europe and the US. I expect this to continue for some time it and could possibly be years before markets recover. Until Europe put in place a proper plan to resolve the issues it faces, markets will continue to be volatile and fall further.

I’ve also attached the spreadsheet (260kb) so you can see the individual stock performance of both portfolios.


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