Austock portfolio versus my model portfolio update (as at 7th March 2012)

Austock portfolio versus model 7 Mar 2012  As at 7th March 2012, the model portfolio is outperforming both the ASX/S&P 200 Accumulation index and the Austock portfolio. The Austock portfolio continues to under-perform the market – down by 8.92%, compared to the Index at -6.57%. My model portfolio has 17 stocks out of 30 that are beating the index, compared to the Austock portfolio, which only has 14 stocks beating the index.

 Given the ASX Accumulation Index  is down a further 1.5% since the end of January 2011, the model portfolio is showing its resilience – down less than half a percent from -4.28% to -4.67%.

I’ve updated both portfolios to include dividends on the day the stocks have gone ex-dividend up to and including the 7th March 2012.

Performance to date shows the value in a buy and hold strategy – as long as you pick good companies. It might even be interesting to see how both portfolios would perform over longer than a year, and I may revisit the portfolio again after July 2012 (when 12 months is up for the competition).

I’ve attached the Excel workbook (223kb), so you can see the underlying performance of each stock in both portfolios.


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