Is JB HiFi going to do a “Steve Bradbury”?

Steve Bradbury was an Australian short track speed ice skater who won the 1000 metre event at the 2002 Winter Olympics when all of his opponents crashed at the last corner.

He only made the final after finishing third in the quarter finals, when the defending world champion was disqualified from the final. His tactic during the final was to cruise behind his opponents, and hope they crashed, as they would be taking greater risks to try to win, and he reasoned that they could crash. Read more of this post


Article on Forge Group

I’ve written an article on Forge Group on The Motley Fool website. Forge is still looking good with plenty of growth to come.

Vocus Communications – New Post on Motley Fool site

Vocus Communications Limited (ASX:VOC) recently updated the market with its expected half year results. I wrote an in-depth article for the Motley Fool, which you can view here.

The Australian stock markets mid-year sale

Thanks to the recent falls in the share market, there are many stocks trading at what I think are bargain prices. When you see headlines like “$33 Billion wiped from Australian share market” and “Australian market loses $33 billion in one day”, its time to go bargain hunting. The stock market is irrational and many companies’ share prices have been savaged for no apparent reason. While it can be hard to think of this news as good, as an intelligent value investor, you should welcome the news. It’s an opportunity to buy those stocks you covet at cheap prices. As Warren Buffett has been quoted a million times “Be greedy when others are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy”. At the moment, I think there is a lot of fear in the market, which is a good time for us.

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How I rate a company – part 3

In part 1 I listed my 12 financial criteria for ranking a companies historical financial performance. In part 2 I discussed the criteria and what Im looking for. This blog, the 3rd and last in the series, looks at the companies that rated greater than 9 / 10 against the criteria. I’ve also listed several companies with the lowest scores.

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How I rate a company – Part 1

After analysing approximately 100 listed companies, I wanted to find an easy way of giving the company a score based on their historical financial performance. I came up with a list of 12 financial hurdles. Companies get a score out of 10 for each criteria, which I then add up and divide by 12 to give a score out of 10. Guess what? Not one company I’ve analysed managed to score a 10 /10.

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