Where can I get financial data from for free?

As a personal investor, it can be tough to get free financial data on Australian listed companies. In the US in particular, on sites such as Reuters, Google Finance, Yahoo Finance plus many others, you can find loads of information regarding US stocks, including brief analyst forecast information, historical ratios and financial statements. For Australian stocks, it’s much harder, but as I discuss in this blog, you can get data from a variety of sources for free. Read more of this post


Ten of the best high dividend yielding stocks

Top 10 Dividend StocksWith many commentators suggesting that investors need to focus on dividends with the share market being so volatile and capital gains so hard to come by, I’ve list ten high paying dividend stocks that look very attractive right now. With the market falling almost every day, if you can count on these dividends to continue and there’s every chance they could increase in future years, these stocks can provide a nice steady income and more than likely, a capital gain as well.

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How I rate a company – Part 2

In part 1 , I listed 12 criteria I use to rank all the companies I analyse, based on their historical performance. In this post, I’ll discuss each of the points and why I see them as important.

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