Austock portfolio versus the model portfolio update as at 14 May 2012

Austock portfolio versus model 14 May 2012

So, its been sometime since I updated the status of the two portfolios, and with almost two months to go (6th July 2012 is the finish date), it’s not looking good for both the Austock and model portfolios. Read more of this post


Matrix Composites announces $61m in new orders

Matrix Composites & Engineering Ltd (ASX: MCE) announced on Thursday 17th November, that they had secured $61m in new contracts. They also announced that they had $105m in unfulfilled orders and have $560m in outstanding submissions.

This is the first announcement of new contracts since they reported 2011 full year results. Its been a while coming and Matrix had noted in August 2011 that orders had slowed for the whole industry.

In February 2011, Matrix announced that it had received $400m of new contracts in three months, since November 2010.  This announcement of $61m in contract wins should be put in that perspective. This should be the first of more announcements to come in the next two-three months, and while it’s a good sign, it should be considered as a baby step in the right direction, and not as a return to the levels of growth the company has sustained over the past year or two.

I’ll be watching with interest to see if Matrix announce more contract wins in the months ahead.

Cheap stocks

Now that most companies with a June year-end have finalised their 2011 fiscal year results, I’ve updated the valuations for many companies and share my views on a few of them here, including some that I think are cheap.

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Austock portfolio versus my model portfolio

On 6th July, The Eureka Report published a report that included a list of stocks that Austock most preferred. Apparently this type of list is usually reserved for their top-tier clients. By top-tier, they usually mean those fund managers and super funds that pay them the most brokerage. However, anyone could come up with a similar list of stocks, and I’ve come up with my own list of stocks that I’m 99% certain will beat the stocks in the Austock list over the next 12 months. Read more of this post

A review of the top 50 Australian stocks (S&P 50 Index) – Part II

In a previous post, I reviewed several stocks in the ASX Top 50 and found 21 stocks that I wasn’t interested in. So, what about the rest of the stocks? Well, let’s go through the list and have a brief look at each of them.

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A review of the top 50 Australian stocks (S&P 50 Index)

Just for fun I thought I’d have a look at the 50 stocks in the S&P 50 Index, and do a quick review of each of the companies in it, to see how many I’d consider investing in based on trying to make better than average returns. To my surprise, almost half the stocks in the top 50 I’d consider as poor or at best average investments.

I can’t see most, if not all of the companies I’ve listed below generating an above average return on my investment. I’m aiming for at least a 10% return. Read more of this post

Can these advertising companies survive?

There are 3 companies listed on the ASX in the advertising sector;  Photon Group (PGA), STW Communications (SGN) and Mitchell Communications (MCU). Photon and STW Comms are the 2 major companies, while Mitchell is a very small company. Given the recent performance of Photon and STW Comms, I have grave doubts whether they can continue to survive in their current forms. Both companies own a large number of separate businesses involved in marketing, advertising, web development, desktop publishing and similar activities. STW Comms  owns at least 75 different companies, while Photon owns at least 40.  Both companies have negative Net Tangible Assets, the largest portion of their assets are intangibles – mainly goodwill from their multiple acquisitions. While both companies have been increasing revenues significantly, shareholders are seeing less and less returns from both companies.

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